It’s already available on Android, and is coming to iOS too

A father has created an app that makes it much more difficult for children to ignore their parents’ text messages.

When a message is sent through ReplyASAP, it completely takes over the recipient’s screen, no matter what they’re doing, forcing them to read it.

Their phone also sounds an alarm, even if it’s in silent mode, which only stops when they tap one of the on-screen options: snooze the notification for three minutes, or cancel it.

Either way, they’ll definitely be aware of the message and its importance.

What’s more, the sender will receive a push notification from the app to confirm their message has been read, and ReplyASAP will also show them whether it’s been snoozed, delivered, or is still pending (perhaps due to a poor internet connection).

If the recipient’s phone is off, they’ll receive the notification as soon as it’s switched on again.

It’s already available on Android, and is coming to iOS too. Unfortunately, functionality will be limited on iPhones, “due to the restrictions imposed by Apple”.