Employee Downtime Affects Your Bottom Line

For some businesses, employee downtime caused by interruptions in the IT infrastructure is recognized instantly as unacceptable. In a healthcare practice, for example, network access to a patient’s medical records must occur without fail every time a practitioner requests them. A legal practice must be able to view case files located on a business server while in the courtroom or the success of the case could be jeopardized.

As a small business owner, you might not realize how little bits of employee downtime throughout the year can really add up and affect your bottom line. One day a printer goes offline for the afternoon and employees have to scramble to find other ways to output their documents. Then a major business application fails to load because security patches weren’t applied. Perhaps a shared server drive goes down and employees can’t meet an important project deadline because they can’t access their data files. It could even be something as insidious as waiting a few minutes longer each day for the computers to boot up and the programs to load.

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Do these scenarios sound familiar to you? When your network does not perform to your expectations, your business suffers from employee downtime. This costs your business real dollars which can be quantified. Do you know how much just 10 minutes of downtime each day can be costing you?

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